Recap of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kathy apologizes to Kyle for her 'cruel' behavior

Recap of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kathy apologizes to Kyle for her 'cruel' behavior

The aftermath of the Kathy Hilton''s meltdown is far from over (). In season 12, episode 20, we notice that Kyle Richards had a little said back, but only Lisa Rinna was there to hear it.

Lisa had told me that the majority of the things she said at my house was about me. And then she didn''t want to say exactly what the things were, because she did not want to hurt me. I dont want to get to a place where I cant repair with her again. In her confession, Kyle said.

Kathy and Kyle are together, so I believe Rinna is at fault. #rhobhSeptember 29, 2022

Erika Jayne hosted a pop-up reception for Pretty Mess Hair, where she met Kyle, who was in Georgia and Kathy. Lisa and Dorit Kemsley laughed while she was late due to her uncomfort with Kathy. Dorit admitted that she learned everything she learned about her. According to Dorit, Kathy apologized and acknowledged that she was wrong.

Lisa realised that Kathy should express those things to her, but instead, Kathy tried to silence her. In her confession, Lisa read texts that Kathy had sent her. Please please do not say anything we discussed. Otherwise it will make a huge scene that everyone gets dragged into. No bueano. Please it goes further than you would wish to know. I''m staying silent, Kathy wrote, ending her texts with four heart Emojis.

Lisa and Dorit all spoke about the Aspen incident while she was in attendance. Lisa believes that her ordering the 818 Tequila by Kendall Jenner earlier in the day is what set Kathy off. Because Kathy was so ****ing jealous of the Kardashians, she said in her confessional that Kathy called her "disgusting," ignorant and useless idiots. Kathy said in her confessional that she didn''t want to be around other women, and that it''s her show.

Kathy is jealous of the Kardashians? I believe that honor belongs to you, Rinna. #RHOBHSeptember 29, 2022

Kathy went to Kyle''s house for the first time since Aspen, although they had exchanged texts. I started ranting and expressing my anger, adding that she was suffering from Kyle''s more extreme injuries than you had previously said. Kyle said that it wasn''t the first time that Kathy has screamed at her like that, but it was the first time she has done it with other people watching, which made her feel sorry. Kyle said, "I said it was great to see that Kyle had finished her sentence."

Kathy was angry and angry, but she expressed gratitude for the apology, but she started tearing up, claiming that she hasn''t felt sympathy from her sisters in a long time. However, Kathy explained that her sisters calls are often vents and she never asks about her. Sometimes she avoids Kathy''s calls.

You have no support from your sisters, because you allow Rinna and others to get in the midst of your relationship #RHOBHSeptember 29, 2022

Kathy said she had discussed with all of the women about Aspen, but she never spoke with her and Lisa because she wasnt able to take ahold of her. That''s when Kyle revealed that Lisa was coming over in a little bit, and Kathy was welcome to stay to speak to her in a minute.

Erika and Sutton Stracke have been coming along lately in a relaxed and relaxed mood. When I arrived from Aspen, Erika apologized for how she screamed when she gets angry. I just realized I was going to be silent and apologized. And then I was off to the races. Both of the ladies opted to follow their directions very carefully so it was a pleasure encounter. From our perspective,

Wait, so Kathy flips out and has a bad night, and Rinna is making it her job to amplify this and hold Kathy accountable, but the previous night Erika flipped out and had a bad night, and Rinnadidn''t solicit Erika''s apology to the group. Hmmm #RHOBHSeptember 29, 2022

Kathy stayed at Kyles house, became upset about Kyle and acknowledged how Lisa is a sensitive person right now, after her mother was recently removed. I said things that I shouldn''t have said, and I am so sorry. Lisa explained that she was really shaken up by the tragedy, and that she was defying her fears. Lisa said, if they were to talk about it, she had to take responsibility for her actions.

Kathy said that you need help, but I think you need help. Lisa said she learned from herself earlier in the day that one of her friends was diagnosed with cancer and asked for compassion for her actions. She continued by saying that she was aware of certain things right now, including that one of her friends died of cancer. So, she said, she was sorry, Kathy, that she was not going to be bullied or manipulated. If you do anything, you can do everything, then you can do everything.

Kathy sacked the conversation down, claiming that she would not have more discussions with Lisa.

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