Is Larry Page a Billionaire? Net Worth: Is Larry Page a Billionaire?

Is Larry Page a Billionaire? Net Worth: Is Larry Page a Billionaire?

Larry Page is a renowned American businessman who is worth a billion dollars owing to the company''s launch.

Larry Page''s most famous accomplishment is his role as the co-founder and CEO of Alphabet, the largest company based in the United States, where one subsidiary Google was founded. While each of them was still pursuing their Ph.D. degrees at Stanford, Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google together.

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Larry Page was born in East Lansing, Michigan, on March 26, 1973, and is now known as the location of Michigan State University. Il has been claimed that his grandfather, Carl Victor Page Jr., was a computer science pioneer.

Larry grew up in a woodworking class and fabricating various gadgets. Between 1975 and 1979, he was a student at Okemos Montessori School. In 1991, he received his diploma from East Lansing High School.

While Larry was still in high school, he spent two days at an art camp known as the Interlochen Center for the Arts, where he focused on improving his ability on the saxophone. At the University of Michigan, he was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science.

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Stanford University and the Birth of Google

Larry received his computer science degree from the University of Michigan and decided to pursue further education in the field at Stanford University. He is required to select a topic for his dissertation as part of the program.

In the end, he came to the conclusion that he wanted to look into the World Wide Web''s mathematical link structure. The most important insight that he had was that one might determine the quality of a website by looking at the number of backlinks it received from other sites. This revelation was a reflection of how citations are used to determine academic quality.

A PhD student with the name Sergey Brin collaborated with Larry to develop the idea, which was eventually named Backrub. They collaborated to develop a study entitled The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine.

Their study became quickly the scientific document that had the most downloads in the internet history up until that point.

They used the Backrub web crawler to create an algorithm that assigned a quality score to each and every web page on the internet. This algorithm was renamed PageRank, a play on Larry''s last name as well as a reference to the internet''s pages.

The development of a search engine to display the results sparked a new natural step following the creation of a crawler and an algorithm.

After successfully being expelling from the university for exploiting an excessive amount of institution computer resources, Larry and Sergey founded Google as a privately owned company.

Googol, a group of six hundred meters long, was the first name ever registered for this website. After an investment of one hundred thousand dollars from Stanford professor David Cheriton, the initial investment of $100,000 would increase to $2.3 billion over the next twelve years.

Personal Affairs

Larry''s marriage to Lucinda Southworth has been a joy and a success. They purchased a property in Palo Alto, California, in 2005, for a price that increased to $7.2 million. It has 9,000 square feet. The Pages started a process of purchasing and demolishing most of the houses they purchased in 2009.

Larry secured $45 million to purchase a yacht with a length of 193 feet called Senses in 2011.

Larry and his family have apparently relocated to Fiji, where they purchased at least one private island and several islands in the area.

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Google IPO

Google was established as a publicly traded business under the leadership of CEO Eric Schmidt on August 20, 2004. Schmidt had been brought in to transform the business into a legitimate corporation.

Schmidt had served in that capacity since the company''s founding. He held the position of CEO until December 2019, when he and Sergey both agreed to stand down from their roles with the company.

Sundar Pichai has taken over as CEO after being dismissed. The company''s revenue is currently at an all-time high.

Net Worth

As of the beginning of this article, Larry Pages'' net worth was estimated to be $103 billion.

Larry Page is currently one of the world''s richest individuals as well as one of the world''s wealthiest internet entrepreneurs. In 2004, he was awarded the Maxim Foundation Award as well as received an honorary MBA from IE Business School. Other professional organizations have also recognized Larry Page for his accomplishments (the highest award available in engineering).

A brief account of Larry Pages Wealth is revealed by Page, a Fellow of Columbia University and has just received an honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Michigan.

Larry Page''s net worth of $103 billion is attributable to Alphabet because of their ownership of super-voting shares. Both Larry and Sergey have control over 51% of the voting rights in the company since the first public offering in 2004, which resulted in Larry''s total of $9 billion in shares in Alphabet and Google.

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Page is the owner of Alphabets Class A, Class B, and Class C shares, with his holdings of 20 million shares of the company''s class C stock. The Carl Victor Page Memorial Fund, which is part of Larry''s family foundation, has jurisdiction on assets valued at more than one billion dollars worth.

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