2022's best sofar games

2022's best sofar games

The seasons are changing, the nights are drawing in, and there''s even the idea of turning the heating on - if you can afford to - but while the dawn of autumn officially commemorates gaming''s blockbuster season this year, we''re shivering down the barrel of a relatively barren fourth quarter.

Thank heavens, then, that 2022 already has an incredible amount of games - and with the chill in the air making nights in all the more appealing - now is the time to deal with your log, or maybe add a game or three to it from our list of this year''s best releases.

Hyper Demon

''Hyper Demon'' is a tiny download, but in its near-chaos, its smirkingly short match-lengths (smirkingly short for me at least; some players can do it for whole minutes), its sense of skill, and it feels not just modern but like a game from the present. ''A terrible future, though, the light displays will be pretty special.''

Return to Monkey Island

''Now, Monkey Island has returned. ''Return to Monkey Island! One old school adventure game about A with B, with Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman returning. ''Tim Schafer is away sadly, but he''s busy so who can blame him?) ''It''s a thing of unbelievable charm. ''A thing of lavish, quilted, velveteen reassuring.''



''This isn''t Dragon Age or Skyrim,'' says the author of the Roadwarden film, which combines narrative, humorous narratives, dramatic sounds and melancholy guitar. Roadwarden is, all told, one of the most engaging, considered and rewarding fantasy games I have ever played, although not quite as breath-taking as Planescape: Torment or Disco Elysium, however, is a tale told with skill and depth.

Metal: Hellsinger

''Hellsinger is a light-feeling game compared to most, although it is fought with side challenges and indefinitely by its leaderboards, with a campy, kill-the-devil tale of fallen angels and giant skeletons that unfolds like a moving Iron Maiden album cover. But all of this, however, feels like an outpouring of joy, as though the game itself is also a different, personal kind of gestalt. ''The kind that makes heavy

What we said in our Metal: Hellsinger review:

Splatoon 3

''It''s more Splatoon, and I understand if for many it''s not quite enough,'' says the author. ''It''s more Splatoon,'' says the author, and it is a generous addition for one of Nintendo''s most powerful, playable, and impeccably executed series. ''The new version is lacking the shock of the new, but with Splatoon 3 you''ll get the feeling of a special series that''s really hitting its


''Taking on Smash was always a big order, and while individual fighter balance isn''t completely there yet, there''s a lot of chance that''ll change once it leaves open beta,'' we said. I couldn''t imagine a Warner Bros fighting crossover would ever work this well, but now, I''m wondering who''ll be added next.''


''Immortality is, like Her Story and Telling Lies before it, a game about trawling through video footage to solve a mystery, according to Marissa Marcel, an actress who stars in two films in the late 1960s at about 20 years old, then disappears, then reappears in 1999, and appears as she does in 1968.

''Your task is to mix things up, by scrubbing back and forth in different clips at different speeds, but crucially, by clicking through them through Immortality''s major invention - effectively a hyperlink - to see a scene and leave you to it, and the result is messy, maze-like and complicated, but by dint of that much more organic than a linear mystery that takes you through it by the nose. ''Barlow has succeeded in bringing me liber and letting me discover


''Few games sing for you like this. Few systems complement and combine so elegantly and tirelessly, with so little and simple moments of care for everything in it, from the big blobbling sounds for reloading and picking up health (straight out of Grand Theft Auto - Rollerdrome''s ultimate video game sounds) to the booming pistols of Lara Croft. And no game has ever been so cool.''

Arcade Paradise

''What a thing.'' In Arcade Paradise, I recalled Outrun and GTA and Mr Driller, as well as my own working life in my teens as a dishwasher and a double-glazing salesperson. ''It also made me think of those mazes on the Warren Street tube walls. Warren Street! Get it? ''You can quickly solve the maze and you''re off into a wider network.''

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

''It''s quick to get to what I love about classical JRPGs,'' says the sensation of running through endless fields of long grass with your companions, avoiding impossible odds with a spring in your step. It brings the balance between systems and story down perfectly, but it also entwines each of your footsteps with a sense of purpose. ''It''s pretty clear that the original was back in 2010, but the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is also a new JRPG


''In our Stray study, the developer of BlueTwelve Studio has done a fantastic job, recognizing the ability to play as a cat, from knocking items off ledges to the tiny pawprints you leave behind when you examine a paper bag.'' None of these are purely cosmetic things, either.

As Dusk Falls

"As Dusk Falls" is a bold new way for interactive movie games, with different possibilities for playing with the supernatural, but also for thrillers who twist on human drama. This is, at the same time, the game''s deep and profound, but it also demonstrates how well games can enliven others'' lives in such ways. "It''s also important to understand how we are dealing with it in such ways

Mothmen 1966

''The truth is I didn''t mind about any of the game''s more awkward features. Because part of Mothmen 1966 is a throwback to the early 1990s, which in their bizarreness, their halting ambitions, were often clumsy and infuriating, and generally lacking in streamlined elegance. It is a surprise that we all got through the Galapagos archipelagos of strange shareware software they had inherited from places unknown.''

Neon White

''The foundation of Neon White is its speed,'' said the author. If nothing else it is a school for learning how to speedrun, and this is, for me, I will genuinely try to get myself. In a way that''s the best possible compliment I can give Neon White. It''s not a game for everyone, especially for those who like to slow down. However, for those who don''t know me, it''s something I can''t do without.''


''There are a few tweaks, basically, that might make this truly special by the time the inevitable console versions roll around,'' says the author. Although Drainus has a silly name and a few small frustrations, it does not hinder it producing the same heart-soaring spectacle and sharp, satisfying action that makes the greats soar. This might be short of being one of them, but its an exquisite shooter all the same.

Sniper Elite 5

''I''ve seen Rebellion''s infamously frighteningly cleverly cleverly stealth series since the middling V2, but never anticipated it to offer breathless pleasure to Elden Ring fans.''

Citizen Sleeper

''There is real anguish and intimacy here, real intelligence, real softness, fascination, and complex thinking, from the deeply effective, meticulously executed models, to the stunning texture, colour, posture, and fear behind the eyes.'' ''It''s a pleasure to say goodbye to Citizen Sleeper.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters

''In the far future, there is only a satisfying turn-based team battling let down just a touch by a sluggish resource-gathering midgame. It feels blasphemous to describe a Warhammer 40k adaptation as slick, yet effective. It''s a fine balance of XCOM and Gears Tactics ideas, as well as a crisp boiling-down of a gargantuan fiction that somehow makes everything digestible, even snap

Nintendo Switch Sports

''Ultimately, these games are so refined, and offered with such odd, coffee-shop-and-library charm,'' she said. When this new game came out, and we started moving the furniture around, she didn''t know what we were up to. That afternoon, we must have played together for hours, especially when a diving header animation made her laugh so much she needed her breath back. The whole thing was intoxicating.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

What we said in our Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition review: This often feels like a visitor from a parallel perspective itself, and this is a remarkable epic that is in practice more of a companion piece, reminiscent of the PS1 Final Fantasies but a very different beast on the battlefield. It''s an engrossing epic, mixing sadness, whimsy, and a sense of cosmic dread without, somehow, disintegrating into farce, and


It''s quite impressive. Like the rise of games that want to go further than distracting us from these things and instead grapple with them head-on, it''s engrossing. Part of that might be engrossing, as with the act-ending cliffhangers and the literal ones on its shelves. However, it''s also utterly earned. It''s striking, surprising, and astonishing. It''s absolutely stunning. Like the growing number of games that want to go beyond distracting

Patricks Parabox

My experience with Patrick''s Parabox was then nested like a Russian doll. I wasn''t given permission for another nondescript puzzler in a sea of hundreds, with some style but a few rough edges. This is a lot of fun. By the last few stages, I was nodding along, muttering ''Brilliant!'' and ''Genius!''

Kirby and the Forgotten Land


I think that our foxes'' hero did not appear quite like a monkey in this game. I suspect that his father might be a fox. It''s a good thing to note that when he comes to Tunic, he is committed to becoming the player.

Triangle Strategy

What we said in our Triangle Strategy review: maps often involve obstacles and elevation that, while not providing cover in the XCOM games, can still be used to your advantage, and this interplay - between each character''s unique attributes, the ever-scarce TP points, and some outstanding map design - means combat is excellent, often leading me to take a good hour per encounter. Triangle Strategy absolutely delivers on that.

Gran Turismo 7

For the first time in ages this feels like a Gran Turismo that is beyond cultish car enthusiasts like myself. It''s a sumptuous, arrestingly impressive design that makes an impression of anyone in its orbit, and it''s now too broad and too varied to make such a statement. Is Gran Turismo the best Gran Turismo to date? Of course, there''s no real doubt.

OlliOlli World

This is a skating game, and these games are always two levels in one. Unlike the ones you just faced with a Ghost, you''ll be able to advanced-trick through it, or you''ll be drawn into that barrier, and the whole world is filled with possibilities in just one game. Two games in one: a blend of platform hurdles that you just faced and you need to ace, and those gaps for self-expression and doing extra tricks and grabs and spins. Create them! (Mind

Elden Ring

Elden Ring remains a fantastic game that established fans will enjoy for some time to come, and one that may just welcome new fans into the FromSoft fold. Its dazzling visual appeal, a dark and detailed lore, and a vast-but-intricate open world are all reasons enough to venture out into the Lands Between. Add to That FromSoftware''s unforgiving and unforgiving gameplay loop, and this is something truly special.

Far: Changing Tides


What we said in our Sifu review: Sifu is a fantastic, eccentric fighting game. It demands close attention and patience, and rewards you with scuffles of incredible intensity. It''s campaign structure is bizarre, but engaging, forcing you to replay levels not just for additional moves or to shed a few decades, but to enjoy what you''ve painstakingly committed to muscle memory.

A less reverent approach might have helped the game with its own orientalist past, while also avoiding confrontational moments. This is a game about time and the scales that you bring to bear.

Dying Light 2

While Dying Light 2 isn''t exactly an innovative game, it''s one that combines so much with an energizing skill that is, if you''ll pardon the pun, infectious. This is the triple-A experience that was enhanced with the subtlety and grace of a modified hammer to the head. It''s rarely elegant, but it''s most definitely enjoyable.

Total War: Warhammer 3

Recently I caught myself chatting to a friend who never got it. It''s about learning to understand the different parts of the game, the little, hard-to-understand design elements, and the rest - the more you slog it out through early-game detail and action, the battle''s Total Spectacle, the game''s iconic sound, and the rest - the more you''ll enjoy it. Right now, I''m exhausted. And really hoping for some Slayer.

Please Touch the Artwork

Please, Touch the Artwork is a humorous puzzle game based on abstract art. It''s a great way to get you to see the art afresh, to learn about it as an integral part of a lineage that can be understood, and to make choices by thinking critically. The first wall to an appreciation of abstract art is, you know, finished, and hanging in a gallery, and you can only get so close. For me, it was a revelation.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

What we said in our Pokemon Legends: Arceus review: This is something new, and it''s also Pokemon, a decades-old series, in its purest form. Battle, trade, collect. Even then there''s a fraction of the trainer battles, nothing online, an option but no more necessity to trade. Is it empty or is it filled with newfound nimbleness, precisely because so much of it has been chipped away?

This is a game crafted by subtractive sculpture. And how erotic that is, compared to our current, unsettling desire for adding more and more. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is either this series'' bare minimum, or its purest form. I believe it''s both at once.


Vagante is, indeed, the definition of a hidden gem, without eyestrain. The smaller screen does reinforce what I like most about the game, especially because of its compactness and character, as well as the fact that it is not a major component of Noita, in which a single teleport-on-damage unlock can carry you halfway through without touching the controls. However, it does not have the personality and sex appeal of Hades, or the concept of ingenuity of Loop Hero. It

Windjammers 2

What we said in our review of Windjammers 2: Is it superior to the 1994 original? I don''t believe the ones who supported Windjammers 2 will be too disgruntled to hear I''m not sure it ever could be, that original aesthetic and those pared-back fundamentals still providing a special offering all of their own. This is a film adaptation that continues to spawn a cult classic, and hopefully attracts a new generation.

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