In PokemonGo, how to find and combat Challengers

In PokemonGo, how to find and combat Challengers

Fashion Challengers are distinguished adversaries who make an appearance in Pokemon Go throughout the Fashion Week event.

In an important part of the Fashion Week timed research quest in Pokemon Go, trapping these challengers has changed.

Along with everything we currently know about their team lineups, here''s how to find and combat Fashion Challengers in Pokemon Go.

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In Pokemon Go, what are the Fashion Challengers?

As part of the Fashion Week timed research quest in Pokemon Go, you will battle fashion Challengers until Monday, 3rd October at 8pm (local time).

This year''s Fashion Challengers appear as rewards for finishing specific quest steps in the Fashion Week research quest, unlike previous events.

How ''An Opponent Appears!'' will sit in the Rewards section for that quest step, as you''ll know when a Fashion Challenger is awaiting you.

The challenge follows the usual trainer battle formula, with the expectation that the Fashion Challengers avoid using shields. It is quite simple to beat if you have a solid team.

Following your defeat, you''ll receive a number of items from the Fashion Challenger, such as Poke Balls and Stardust, as well as the reward you''ll get from this quest step in the Fashion Week research.

Rewards include stardust, Poke Balls, and other items, like Potions, after your defeat.

In Pokemon Go, how to fight a Fashion Challenger

In Pokemon Go, three Fashion Challengers are participating in a timed research quest.

Each Fashion Challenger is a reward for completion of a specific quest step in the Fashion Week research quest - all you need to do is complete the tasks for that step, and the battle will be put to your side.

After clearing the battle, you may fight the Fashion Challenger anytime you want! This research quest will no longer be available until Monday, 3rd October at 8pm (local time) so, if you want to compete with the Fashion Challengers, you must do so before this deadline.

You can select three of your most powerful Pokemon to help you defeat the enemy Pokemon as quickly as possible. The following sections will show the teams we have faced so far when it comes to battling the Fashion Challengers.

When faced with the Fashion Challengers, there''s no need to get rid of your Charged Moves, since they won''t use their shields to prevent your attacks. This means you don''t need to have a Pokemon who will clean down their shields, and you can simply focus on using your more powerful attacks.

Finally, when it comes to your own shield, make sure you use them whenever you like - even if you want to avoid using a more powerful Potion to heal a Pokemon after the battle. Consider this fact as the Fashion Challenger won''t be using their own shields, and you may as well ease the battle.

Fashion Challenger line-up list in Pokemon Go

Below are all of the Fashion Challenger line-ups for Pokemon Go''s 2022 Fashion Week event:

First Pokemon Second Pokemon Third Pokemon

Because none of the Quirky Challengers Pokemon has a weakness, you''ll want to have a Pokemon that is stronger than Furfrou, while Mareanie is weak against wild grass, water, and ice-type Pokemon. If you have a powerful Pokemon like Mewtwo, you can easily select this Pokemon and watch it beating all three without breaking a sweat.

First Pokemon Second Pokemon Third Pokemon

The Fashion Challengers all have weak Pokemon, thus defeating them is an easy task. However, you''ll need a combat-type for Furfrou, a ground-type for Blitzle, and a fairy-type for Absol.

First Pokemon Second Pokemon Third Pokemon

Congratulations - you''ve reached the last Fashion Challenger! Furfrou, an electric-type for Frillish, and a psychic-type for Croagunk, are required for this challenger''s team.

During the Fashion Week event, congratulations on defeating the Fashion Challengers!

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