Grounded 1.0 is now available with a "complete story."

Grounded 1.0 is now available with a "complete story."

Grounded, a garden adventure game, has now made a full release, which, according to Obsidian Games, is now being described as "the complete game" which can now "beat" for the first time.

This story will now show how players got to be so lucky that Big I Shrunk The Kids is tiny, according to Obsidian, and that it might also allow you to "go big and go home" once everything is said and done.

Version 1.0 has a few new features to offer. The Eastern Upper Yard, a new underground building, and more impressive manmade items, are among the features to see.

Players can find new sceret labs, as well as new creatures such as the tiger mosquito, moth, tick, and soldier fire ant, and several new story bosses.

Various other changes to the game include a new Trinket accessory slot, where it sounds like you can equip items that offer you status-effecting buffs, such as Sizzle Protection, and a new inventory management system for properly organizing your backpack.

Grounded''s weapon and armour ugrading have also been altered, with an intermediary stag being added to crafting and new tier three-class crafting methods to upgrade items to +9.

Obsidian has a comprehensive and extensive list of changes to its patch notes. Will you be giving Grounded another go?

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