The Disney Dreamlight Valley update for October now has a feature calledScar

The Disney Dreamlight Valley update for October now has a feature calledScar

Scar, a Lion King villain, will join Disney Dreamlight Valley in October as part of the game''s first significant content update.

In a Twitter thread, developer Gameloft said it expects the update to take place "in about three weeks," and to correct several key issues, such as issues with lost progress, missing founder''s pack rewards, and general console crashes.

A new feature will be added to the update for October, such as improved photo mode and new poses for your character avatar.

"We''ve been shocked by the joy you''ve brought to the valley, but we can also see that there are still issues to be addressed," said Gameloft. "We know it can be frustrating to encounter bugs or problems, so we appreciate your patience." "We''ve got a ton of fixes coming, and many of them are due to your helpful issue reports. Stay tuned for future status updates in the next weeks and thanks again."

The Animal Crossing-style sim is now available in early access via a 25 Founder''s Edition on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox - or you may also play via Xbox Game Pass. In the absence of Animal Crossing elsewhere (or, unfortunately, any future updates planned for New Horizons) seems to have met a dedicated audience.

I''m curious to see how the game progresses in the coming days, and it appears ready for "more" improvements, judging by the number of blocked off portals located in the center of the castle.

How will Scar change everything? So far, Gameloft''s personality and the need for them to co-exist in the same world as their competitors, as illustrated by Ariel and Ursula from The Little Mermaid. However, while players meet Ursula relatively early on, Scar will be the first character from The Lion King''s world added.

Woody and Buzz will be added to Toy Story''s next update later this year.

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