The Labor of Love update by Terraria is now live

The Labor of Love update by Terraria is now live

Terraria''s Labor of Love update now has a tlethora of new features and improvements.

There is a new World Seed that turns the world upside down, with players grappling with terrible threats until they reach the Surface. There is also a World Seed that masks all of the other players.

The revamp is free and includes a slew of bugs and minor improvements, such as changes to the empty bag, rope interactions, health bars and more.

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Alongside the update, the developers shared a thank you message.

"Terraria has always been a team''s passion, like a close friend or kid," says the author.

"Over the years, continuing to do so has been your tireless support, not only in terms of sales (over 46.1 million so far!) but also in terms of your desire and drive to make Terraria more than just a game. Simply put, the Terraria Community itself is a core part of the Terraria experience."

"It''s humbling to think that this game, which was built from so many beginnings, has brought us all together as a team and as a community. We truly believe that this is the best time ever for Terraria, and that the game is at its most vibrant and exciting point that we can recall."

The team also notes that a "few hints" have been made in the update for players to discover.

The game''s version of the update is now available for all versions.

The Terraria forum has some useful information.

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