Shenmue's animated film has been fired

Shenmue's animated film has been fired

Shenmue: The Animation, which started its debut season in February, has been canceled.

The cult classic Sega anime adaptation was first announced back in September 2020, before being broadcasted and available on Adult Swim and Crunchyroll respectively.

Following the merger of two media corporations in April this year, a second season was reportedly in the works. It is likely that Warner Discovery has expanded its ownership into a larger purge.

Season one has also been removed from Adult Swim and several other streaming sites, but it will continue to be available on Crunchyroll for the time being.

Shenmue''s loyal fanbase will be wowed about the cancellation.

Sorry guys. This happened. You can still see all of Crunchyroll''s anime as digital downloads. Yes, it appears like no S2 of Shenmue, even though, it did well enough that we were gearing up for S2. Perhaps one day

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