The PS5GPU is unleashed by Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves' 120Hz VRR patch

The PS5GPU is unleashed by Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves' 120Hz VRR patch

The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection has now expanded to include the PlayStation 4-era franchise titles, with some minor improvements to the overall presentation, and a key focus on resolutions and performance. This improved the pixel count and framerate in a recent 120Hz VRR patch, which has provided some incredible results.

While the Naughty Dog titles are enhanced with advanced resolution rendering, the studio has not implemented advanced performance enhancements, even in its latest title, The Last of Us Part One. So, in theory at least, the PS5''s GPU is not completely maxed out. The new patch 1.002 does not include this feature, but it also allows users to unlock frame rates by adding a 40fps fidelity mode. This works in the same way as in Ratchet and Clank, the Spider-Man titles and Horizon

The new 40fps option helps you get the game running with a 120Hz output on your PS5. This technique is similar to that used in the previous fidelity mode, which both render at a sharp native 4K resolution, and is capable of producing fine detail. Either way, we''re ''hoping'' there''s at least 10fps of clearance once the frame rate cap has been increased.

Part 1, which runs on a new version of the same graphics engine, has a 40fps Fidelity option, but this mode is often dragged down into the 30-40fp range, causing me to disobey a lot of effort. I spent hours analysing this mode in the most challenging sections across both games, which eventually ended up feeling quite sturdy here.

While combating enemies in a few select sequences, I''d trigger sub-40fps readings. The Madagascar combat and chase section was the most reliable culprit, with the busy market area causing brief dips, and the subsequent multi-vehicle pursuit yielding results in a few minutes. At worst, the 40fps Fidelity mode is brief, rare, and isn''t particularly intrusive here, although it''s mildly annoying but clears up here.

There are a few quite minor flaws to be aware of. Uncharted games hold a frame on each camera cut for TAA purposes, which presents as a subtle stutter when the viewport shifts. A few small frame-rate blemishes do not appear in any such situations. This is not a guaranteed 40fps.

The unlocked version of fidelity mode delivers 45-50fps with worst-case dips to the mid-30s. It is quite similar to the regular v-synced performance mode, although it is quite close in general fluidity to the v-synced performance mode, at over twice the resolution. But however, any dips below 40 FPS are absolutely noticeable, even though the performance uplift is considerably more profound. Here, under v-sync, the previous performance mode was already

It is generally available for 90 to 110 frames per second, which in turn feels smooth. Sedate scenes are at a total of 120 frames per second, although the average frame-rate is around 100fps. This is not far from the original 120Hz refresh in the previous PS4-style frame-rate, yet it appears to be quite similar in general play. However, given the conservative fixed resolutions that the Legacy of Thieves Collection is targeting and its overall performance features, there is a difference in framerate and animation clarity

All of the new modes are covered, but there is one way to use VRR in the PS5''s system settings, and leaving VRR with an unlocked toggle will smooth out any frame-rate hitches. In both instances, I would strongly prefer to play these modes with the unlocked toggle.

The PS5 does not support refresh rates above 120Hz, therefore simply allowing VRR in the Performance Plus mode makes a bit more sense here. However, the performance unlocked mode does not include the VRR toggle, which does not include the convoy chase sequence and the APC fight.

All of this may seem like a daunting variety of options, but they are presented to the player in a sufficient manner to benefit from advanced screen enhancements, unlike those seen in other streaming games. I''d anticipate similar if not identical configuration options will happen in upcoming games like God of War: Ragnarok, although this strategy may be simplified as games become more complex.

Given the relatively low rendering resolutions that these games target for their age and visual complexity, The Legacy of Thieves Collection performs particularly well with the unlocked modes. I''m particularly pleased with the unlocked mode, which combines a decent 1440p resolution with smooth frame-rates that average around 100fps. Despite the fact that the entire 4K pixel grid is still outstanding.

Patch 1.002 is a great addition to a comparable conversion of the last two Uncharted experiences. All the possibilities you may conceivably ask for are here, and they all run better than expected. This is a great way to replay these games - or to experience them for the first time.

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