Jeff Goldblum may be included in your Dungeons & Dragons games

Jeff Goldblum may be included in your Dungeons & Dragons games

Jeff Goldblum, an actor and jazz musician, has been transformed into a miniature that can be used in Dungeons & Dragons games.

The Dark Dice Podcast is a podcast in which people are seen playing a tabletop roleplaying game, with Goldblums facing a tall elven body dressed in stunning robes, a cloak, and knee-length shoes. Balmur is reimagined in a manner that suggests he is going to spell at his foes, but the miniature is also able to pain.

In early 2021, Goldblum joined the likes of dungeon master Travis Vengroff, ranger player Peter Joseph Lewis, and Russ More, who controls the monk Aijinder, as Balmur, a sorcerer who began the adventure searching for his daughters locket. Balmur, a character in the second season, became a member of a group pursuing revenge after having unknowingly saved the world.

While avoiding the notice of The Silent One, a sinister being that serves as a guardian to The Nameless God, a deity that dominates most of the creatures living in the world of Dark Dice, the podcast gives a different horror angle to playing and running Dungeons & Dragons, with the addition of soundscapes and music to boost immersion in both the players and audience.

Strata Miniatures makes an entire set of minatures based on the various characters featured in the Dark Dice Podcast, such as Holly Billinghurst''s warlock Gaelle of House Vogelberg, and her twin, the fight Glom of House Vogelberg, who is played by Sean Howard. The characters from the podcasts first season, the Domain of the Nameless God, are also being transformed into miniatures.

Out of Jurassic Park, Goldblum is famous for his roles in the 1986 horror film The Fly, Independence Day, and Thor: Ragnarok, as well as recording two jazz albums and performing in several theatre performances.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Dark Dice miniatures will take place until October 7, with a pledge of 35 ($37) allowing backers to all miniatures from both seasons, including Balmur.

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