In the New Genshin Impact Commercial, Cyno and Paimon joke

In the New Genshin Impact Commercial, Cyno and Paimon joke

Six new commercials in Japanese have been released for the second year of Genshin Impact. Most of them are quite similar, except one where Cyno and Paimon introduce Sumeru characters together. They also feature narration from Aoi Koga (Paimon), Miyu Irino (Cyno) and Yukari Tamura (Nahida, Qiqi).

Cyno gives a very concise breakdown of the playable Sumeru characters prior to Version 3.0. For example, Tighnari is Ranger Leader and Dori is Greedy Merchant. The original is a pun on Paimon''s name and ippai, which means lots. Although Paimon blushes, Cyno quickly regretted it.

The other second anniversary commercials focus on the game story. They conclude with a phrase that loosely translates to Beyond the emotions of an RPG.

The Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary

The Faraway Land

A Story About Searching for the Truth

Sumeru, a new region, is

Sumeru, the New Region, is available in the Palomon Narration version.

Cyno and Venti are the first set of 5-star characters available on both banners. Along with the Archon Quest, Version 3.1 will have new areas to explore and new domains to conquer.

Genshin Impact is available on PS4, PS5, mobile devices, and Windows PC.

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