Physically and digitally, the Kirby Character Encyclopedia is now available

Physically and digitally, the Kirby Character Encyclopedia is now available

The book has been removed from the Japanese language and is now available for purchase. However, individuals living outside Japan may also purchase and access it, which is now available for 1,650 yen (approximately $11 with a Japanese 10% tax included).

The book is being sold in physical and digital formats by Amazon Japan, and it is available on Kindle. It may also send it to countries outside Japan. The digital ebook is also available for purchase on the Japanese BookWalker website.

In July 2022, HAL Laboratory and Kadokawa initially revealed the encyclopedia. The companies teased that the book reportedly featured information about more than 1,000 characters across all 35 games released to date. The preview pages of the book confirm that it also includes information from the series'' latest mainline entry,.

The encyclopedia divides enemy characters into categories such as regular enemies and bosses. It also lists the copy capabilities that Kirby may gain from them.

HAL Laboratory organized a music festival with a worldwide online stream in August 2022. A Blu-ray remastered version of the 2001 anime that will be released in Japan in Winter 2022, according to Good Smile Company. A Nendoroid figure of the eponymous protagonist is also included in the celebration.

The game, which is now available in physical and digital formats in Japanese language, was released on Nintendo Switch worldwide in late March 2022. Nintendo has sold over 4 million units of the game as of June 2022.

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