In February 2023, the Hunt will begin with a trailer for Wild Hearts

In February 2023, the Hunt will begin with a trailer for Wild Hearts

A new hunting action game based in a feudal Japan has been revealed by Koei Tecmo and EA. The game''s official release date was dropped during the 2022 Tokyo Game Show. At the time, the game was inspired by Omega Force, the creators of the titles and Koei Tecmos'' own hunting series.

The following is a look at the reveal trailer.

Azuma, a fantasy region that is part of the Far East, is unimpressed by the powerful Kemono (Japanese for beast) who struggle to protect the region. The Kemono have designs that include real and fantastic creatures, including a giant boar that sends roots and branches out of the ground when it attacks. Ape-like Lavaback grows flaming debris from its hide.

Check out some screenshots from the game in the gallery below.

Players, however, have an advantage, the Seed of Invention, which allows hunters to develop structures, gadgets, and fortifications in a fast-paced manner. One player constructs a tower of wooden cubes to climb and jump off from using a wooden lantern that travels across the ground, bringing down a monster and immobilizing it. There are also modifications to the players'' weapons themselves, like a katana that deploys jagged electrical spikes or a transforming bow.

PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC are in development and are now available.

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