With Jackman's Wolverine returning to cinemas, it's ideal time to play the best Wolverine game

With Jackman's Wolverine returning to cinemas, it's ideal time to play the best Wolverine game

The worst thing about Wolverine in cinema is that he isnt permitted to be horrifying. Like, really horrifying. Jackman''s various silver screen adaptations give us a refined, glistening of everyone''s favorite Canadian mutant.

The 2009 X-Men Origins lineup has been fully functional. It allowed Wolverine off his leash, uncollared him, and allowed him to run rampant through the scattered forces of Col. Strykers.

The game, which is based on the likes of Devil May Cry and God of War, is a whole of a series of rooms with people you could butcher. Yes, it was repetitive, but yes, it was braindead; anyway, it was yaiba, say, Ninja Gaiden Z. There''s a lot of guilty pleasure to it stuttering the game up in a slightly different room, thus preventing their claws from flying out, and lunging at an opponent

Several aspects of Wolverines'' performance have been factored in Raven Software, which was later condemned to the Call of Duty salt mines. That last one is because: seeing Logan get eaten up by a railgun or something, only for his flesh to slowly shrink back on the same adamantium frame, which is basically a deadly danger. Before you take your body back to the brink of death in a dangerous danger, you should see how your body recovers, especially in Wolverine.

If you have a minute to wash off your washboard abs and take a breath, you get to see in Blur Studio''s gorgeous cutscenes (the filmmakers who have since done the cinematics for Halo Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Modern Warfare 2019) you might just focus on these cutscenes and pretend it never happened. This is why the game was so popular 13 years later, as long as it was perfect.

Wolverine wasn''t a series of events intended for X-Men enthusiasts, or the game even had knowledge nods to other cult properties of the time. However, whatever you can tell you about it, there were rewards hidden in the game for players that found references to the Lich Kings sword from World of Warcraft, the cake from Portal, or a hatch that concealed a distinctive resemblance to the Scourge. Or something.

Sadly, if you want to play this game today in the year of ourlord, 2022 you will have to purchase it physically or operate it in more underhanded ways. In 2014, the game was delisted and removed from all digital storefronts. That means you cannot download it without downloading it and playing it via backwards compatibility on Xbox consoles, and you cannot get it on Steam. A quick Google shows that you can at least nab the game for for eight times in CEX, though. No one

Until we get to see what Spider-Man nemesis Insomniac Games has come up with with its mysterious Wolverine game, we''ll have to experiment with X-Men Origins: Wolverine as the best game to boot up for if you want to have a little adamantium-powered tantrum in video game form. It may even love the QTE a bit too much, but X-Men Origins: Wolverine remains one of

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