OnSteam, Weird West makes the Bounty Hunter Journey free

OnSteam, Weird West makes the Bounty Hunter Journey free

The sixth-month anniversary of Weird West has been commemorated by developer Wolfeye, who allows all Steam players to experience the whole of the Bounty Hunter Journey.

The Bounty Hunter Journey is the first of Weird West''s five journeys, and you may take it on Steam.

The game is on sale this weekend for 50% off on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GoG. On Steam, save files made while playing the free Bounty Hunter Journey will also be transferred to the full game once purchased.

Weird West was developed by a team of former Arkane Studios developers and features a simulated sandbox world set in a dark fantasy reimagining of the Wild West. It is a fascinating journey through the story of a group of unusual heroes and become a legend due to your choices. Each character has a different origin story, and you will move from one to another until all are converged in a final chapter.

Each playthrough is unique and tailored to your actions because everything counts, and characters, factions, and even places will react to your choices. You may even form a posse or go it alone and play by your own rules with your own specific motives.

The game has evolved to include completely revamped and rebalanced RPG systems and economy, more diverse secondary locations, loot and encounters, new combat tuning options and balancing, alternative aiming system, enhanced non-lethal options, improved companion AI, completely overhauled UI, and a permadeath mode.

The game is also available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, along with PC.

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