In October, a PlayStation Stars loyalty program was launched in Europe and North America

In October, a PlayStation Stars loyalty program was launched in Europe and North America

Sony''s PlayStation Stars loyalty program will be launched in North America on October 5 and in Europe on October 13.

PlayStation Stars is available for those who have a PlayStation Network account. While you may receive certain benefits for being a PlayStation Plus member, a PlayStation Plus membership is not required to join the program.

The program will be available through the PlayStation App on iOS and Android and can be downloaded on the internet. Sony intends to expand the program to console devices in the future.

PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program in which you complete a variety of activities and campaigns. For example, the Monthly Check-In program requires you to play any game to receive a reward, while other campaigns may encourage you to earn specific trophies or become one of the first players to establish a title in your country or region.

Hit Play/1994, a series of first campaigns, aims to correctly launch games that match song-based clues for a special collectible. Every campaign will be updated regularly.

Rewards are subject to two types of incentives: loyalty points and digital collectibles. Points may be redeemed in a catalog that may include PSN wallet funds, digital collectibles, and various PlayStation Store items.

PlayStation Plus members who have joined PlayStation Stars earn points for purchases made on PlayStation Store as an additional benefit. Plus users may also earn points for each Plus subscription payment. PSN wallet top ups are not eligible for the promotion.

Digital collectibles are created representations of objects such as figurines of characters from games and other forms of entertainment, as well as devices that tap into Sonys history. There will be new collectibles to earn regularly, ultra-rare collectibles to obtain, or something fun and surprising to collect.

The digital collectibles you earn or acquire can be arranged on a display case within the PlayStation App, and the display case may be set to be seen by others.

All members will be eligible for the Star Gazer Telescope at the start of their session. Punto from Ape Escape 2, Toro, Kuro, PocketStation, and more are just a few of the first digital collectibles for members to purchase or acquire.

PlayStation Stars will include status levels that reflect your milestones. Each level is based on the number of "non-common trophies" earned for gameplay and full game purchases from the PlayStation Store. The higher your level is, the more benefits and rewards you can get.

Once you have reached a status level, you will continue to attend the remainder of the calendar year, plus an additional 13 months. So, assuming you achieved level 2 in October, this status will continue until that calendar year and continue for the next 13 months from January 1 of the next year, and until January 31 of the following year.

As the service improves, Sony intends to enliven the PlayStation Stars loyalty program by adding additional features, rewards, benefits, and ways to get involved.

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