The estate of Bruce Lee has heard about Fei Long's absence in future Street Fighter games

The estate of Bruce Lee has heard about Fei Long's absence in future Street Fighter games

No observations of this nature have been made.

Fans of Fei Long would return to the series for the first week in a row. It appears as if this series has come to an end.

On a YouTube Q&A session, Daniel Lindholm, a composer for the series, made a statement that Fei Long would never return to the franchise, although the whole affair is over (which has been defunct/down, but was logged by several outlets). Heres what they said:

A character that I know we wont see at all theres been a lot of debate about it I mentioned earlier a character I would like to remake the music for was Fei Long. I have other people from the United States who are also very close friends with Mr. Bruce Lee, and they have basically stated that any kind of resemblance to him is now omitted for comedy, which I believe is something to be proud of. It is also important to ensure that we will not see Fei Long again. Ever.

Lindholm alleged to be following up on a hypothetical level and had sources closest to the Lee family, but not Capcom. Much of this is tearing up Bruce Lees semi-recently controversial depiction in, which the Lee family fought on several occasions.

Fei Long is generally accepted as a loving homage to Bruce Lee (definitely not comedic like many others) and the Lee estate has recently set aside the false allegations that they would directly intervene. According to the official Bruce Lee account (which is run by Shannon Lee and Bruces daughter),

We have never made any comments of this nature. We have no idea who @DanielLindholm explains about his closest friends, but his statements are totally false about the Bruce Lee Family.

Capcom may simply choose not to include Fei Long in the launch roster of a future game or any DLC cycle of any future game purely because they want it. I hope they do, though! I''ve been a Fei Long main ever since the character was introduced, and would like him to return to the series whenever possible: to me, he is a major member of the crew.

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