Fallout 76, Total War: Warhammer 2, Shadow of War, and other October free Prime Gaming titles are included

Fallout 76, Total War: Warhammer 2, Shadow of War, and other October free Prime Gaming titles are in

For October, Amazon has announced its free Prime Gaming titles, and there will be seven more to claim.

During October, there will be also in-game items for League of Legends, Fall Guys, Roblox, and more.

Fallout 76, Total War: Warhammer 2, and Middle-earth: Shadow of War are all of the most prominent indie titles to grab.

The game Glass Masquerade: Origins is a visual puzzle game based on Art Deco and stained glass artisans of the 20th century. Loom will be available, and you take on the role of Bobbin, a Weaver boy, who must unravel the mystery of the strange power that has swept the Weavers into oblivion.

Heros Hour is a turn-based strategy game with real-time combat that allows you to develop your cities and army. You''ll also level up your heroes to gain new, powerful spells and abilities, and explore the wonders and dangers of procedurally generated maps.

Horace will be available as part of its extensive platforming journey that pushes the boundaries of the genre with the story of a tiny robot. It includes over 15 hours of platforming and several fun pop culture references.

During this years League of Legends World Championships Knockouts and Finals stages, Prime members may claim the exclusive Esports emote known as Very Nasus, Much Wow (October 18-November 5). You may also claim the monthly League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsules, which include Riot Points, Skin Shards, and other benefits.

Prime Gaming and EA Sports are offering the Madden Ultimate Team pack to cover Thursday Night Football themes, including a 1x 87 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Program Player and a 1x Ultimate Kickoff Program Vanity Uniform.

More Pime Gaming Madden Ultimate Team Packs will be dropped throughout the season.

The Pool Party Bundle for Fall Guys will be available, including the Rubber Ducky Cap, Starbright Pool Ring, and 1,800 Kudos. League of Legends also includes the Prime Gaming Capsule, which provides 350 Riot Points, 5 Mythic Essence, 1 Unowned 1350 RP Skin Permanent, 200 Orange Essence, 5 Champion Shards, 2 Series 1 Eternals Shards, and a 30-day XP Boost.

With the Doggy Bag Backpack avatar, you can create your own ultimate virtual world, complete with 10,000 Gems and the exclusive Ultra Core pet with improved stats and Pristine skin.

Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042, Dead by Daylight, Destiny 2, FIFA 22, GTA Online, and more Fall Guys content are all available here.

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