GTA Online Podium Car (September 29): What is the top Lucky Wheel prize this week?

GTA Online Podium Car (September 29): What is the top Lucky Wheel prize this week?

What are the chances of winning this weeks Podium Car in GTA Online? Once a day, you can go to GTA Online''s Diamond Casino to win the Lucky Wheel. Spins reward you with a wide variety of fantastic prizes. The podium car, which you can walk away with for cheap, is among the most coveted items. However, when you do, you will make out like a bandit. Check out this week''s top prize below.

The GTA Online Podium Vehicle (29 September - 5 October) is being tested for this week.

If you want to purchase the SC1, then the vehicle will cost you $1,603,000 from Legendary Motorsport. The SC1 is a decent car, but you need to go to Los Santos customs and spend some time upgrading it to realize its potential. It''s a diamond in the rough, and everything you need is a few tweaks to make it shine. What are you waiting for? Visit the Casino and get your tickets this week!

How Much Does a Lucky Wheel Spin Cost?

You may only do one spin every 24 hours, but you need to pay $500 for a membership at the front desk. Other prizes include clothes, discount coupons for several other cars, and a mystery prize that may sometimes be worth even more than the podium car. The podium car will change every Thursday, and this guide should be updated once it does.

This week''s podium car will give you a spin and hope you win over it. Here''s how to pick the best low-cost cars in GTA 5. For those of you looking for less money, check out our list of the five most effective cars in GTA Online.

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