When does FIFA 23 launch early?

When does FIFA 23 launch early?

What is FIFA 23''s release date and date? FIFA 23 is very soon, meaning it''s once again that time of year when we all pack onto a virtual field and start kicking around a ball. FIFA 23 is a significant milestone in the football division, as it is the final FIFA overseen by EA Sports.

With FIFA 23 Early Access and the full release, it is expected to kick off this week. In this guide, we take a break from the FIFA 23 release date and date for Early Access and the full release.

FIFA 23 release date and time

FIFA 23 has announced its first release date this week, according to reports. Early Access was the first time there was a few days before the full release. Below, you may find the FIFA 23 release date for Early Access and the appropriate launch:

  • FIFA 23 Early Access release date: September 27, midnight local time
  • FIFA 23 release date: September 30, midnight local time

The FIFA 23 release date depends on your region, as FIFA 23 will be available at midnight in your time zone. This means the FIFA 23 launch is progressed across the globe rather than everyone gaining access at the same time. Both the Early Access release and the official launch later this week

The servers were unable to access Ultimate Team during the early access window, which prevented us from going until midnight to play FIFA 23 at the start of the game. However, chances are that some similar issues will arise as more players come to the pitch.

How to get Early Access to FIFA 23

To get access to the FIFA 23 Early Access, you must either preorder FIFA 23 or have an active EA Play subscription. Starting January 27, users will be eligible for full Early Access, while those who have a standard EA Play subscription may play for up to 10 hours, following which they will need to purchase a copy of FIFA 23 to keep playing.

On September 27, those who have an active Game Pass Ultimate subscription on both Xbox and PC will also get ten hours of FIFA 23 Early Access. FIFA 23 is not included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

FIFA 23 preloads are now available on all platforms, with the download size weighing in at around 38GB on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. However, the PC system requirements predict that you''ll want 100GB of free space, so expect FIFA 23 to take up some extra space once it is downloaded and installed.

Our guide on the FIFA 23 release date and release date for Early Access and the complete release. Check out our page to learn more about FIFA 23, which includes information on version differences, crossplay, and changes to the FIFA Ultimate Team. Make sure to check out our Around the World, First XI, Puzzle Master, and Seven League Boots solution guides to get some of the best players in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

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