Lil Nas X Net Worth: How much money has made Lil Nas X due to Old Town Road?

Lil Nas X Net Worth: How much money has made Lil Nas X due to Old Town Road?

Lil Nas X is best known for his hit Old Town Road, which perfectly fused rap and country genres for an entirely new touch. At first, the song was popular on TikTok, but it later charted well in a number of countries and was awarded a diamond certification in 2019.

Lil Nas X is well-known in the LGBTQ community for his leadership and accomplishments. After the release of Old Town Road, he came out to the world as a gay. This was a first for anyone who had a number-one single at the time. His appearance outwreaked many sentiments. He reacted as a result of the fact that some members of the hip-hop scene were applauded him. Only a handful of hip-hop artists have ever been recognized as gay.

Nas X was the most nominated male artist at the Grammy Awards in 2020, and he was one of the most distinguished music video and pop duo performance. He also received two awards: Best Music Video and Best Pop Duo Performance. He is also the recipient of two MTV Video Music Awards and a Country Music Award. He is the first and only openly gay person to receive a Country Music Award. He is now widely regarded as one of the internet''s most powerful figures.

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Early Years:

On April 9, 1999, Montero Lamar Hill was born in Lithia Springs, Georgia. He was separated from his parents when he was six years old. He moved into Austell, Georgia, where he learned to escape the wrong crowd. Montero grew an interest in internet memes when he was little older.

Nas X admits to spending the majority of his adolescence alone and on the internet. He struggled to come to grips with his sexuality throughout this time. He had started with his sexuality at the age of 17 before going out. He loved performing in theaters and entertainment venues.


Lil Nas X gained notoriety as an internet personality despite a desire to pursue a future career. In a later interview, the rapper admitted in a post that he uncovered a lot of social media networks before finally excelling with Twitter. He currently has 2 million Twitter followers and 5 million YouTube subscribers.

Lil Nas X was known for launching Nicki Minaj''s Twitter fan accounts in 2017. It was effective on Twitter for allegedly Tweetdecking, which is the practice of naming several identities to help a single tweet go viral. Due to a breach of Twitter standards, his main Nicki Minaj fan account was finally suspended.

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Although he initially denied being linked to the Nicki Minaj fan posts, he eventually admitted in 2020 that he had kept the facts hidden because he believed that he had so many Nicki Minaj-related profiles. He had not come out when the allegations began. Later, Nicki Minaj mocked Lil Nas X for concealing his fandom while simultaneously applauding him.

Lil Nas X has expanded his focus on a future career in music in 2019. He began producing and recording music under the name Lil Nas X, a nod to famed New York rapper. He paid $30 to a Dutch producer named YoungKio for the beat for Old Town Road in 2018. So he paid $30 for the music at an online shop, which he paid out very much.

During Atlanta''s $20 Tuesdays promotion, he recorded Old Town Road for the first time. Due to the #Yeehaw Challenge, TikTok users discovered the track and began using it nonstop. People dressed up as wranglers or cowgirls for this viral challenge. Almost everyone became familiar with the simple, catchy phrase about horses and tractors.

The song, which was previously voted for because it was not country enough, both was featured on the Billboard Hot 100 and the Hot Country Songs Charts. Others interpreted this as an obvious indication of racism. In response, a Billboard spokesperson asserted that the decision had nothing to do with race. The song was also remastered several times, with one notable version featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.

After Old Town Road took the lead over seven weeks on the Billboard charts, Lil Nas X presented Billy Ray Cyrus with a fresh new Maserati. His social media accounts were used to share the footage. The song lasted a total of 19 weeks at the top, which was a record-breaking feat.


Lil Nas X became gay on the last day of Pride Month on social media. Fans and critics have suspected for a long time that some of his songs included sexual references. In an interview, he revealed that he was gay.

While most musicians, artists, analysts, and casual observers applauded Lil Nas X, a few others were not satisfied with the news. Some others assaulted him on social media. The hip-hop community as a whole reacted positively, attracting attention to the widespread homophobia in the genre.

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Lil Nas Xs net worth:

Lil Nas X has a $7 million net worth as an American rapper, singer, and singer.

In March 2021, Lil Nas X paid $2.4 million for a house in Sherman Oaks, California.

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