A surprise update for The Dark PicturesAnthology gives Man Of Medan a new free chapter

A surprise update for The Dark PicturesAnthology gives Man Of Medan a new free chapter

When older games get updates, consider it as a good jump scare. Today, Supermassive Games have given their first two The Dark Pictures Anthology some extra care and attention, leaving new difficulties and accessibility options, improved UI, and even quicker walking for them. There''s also a new chapter for Man Of Medan, which you can see below.

The additional chapter of Man Of Medans is shortened Flooded. It sounds sufficiently good for the Dark Pictures sequel. Supermassive say the chapter adds new difficulty settings and QTE warnings, an enhanced UI, new event triggers, and additional accessibility options. In both games, you may walk faster.

Hang on, though, because a tweet from the Dark Pictures account stated that the update had an issue, and that both games had been reintroduced to their previous versions. A hotfix from Supermassive is inbound.

The Devil In Me, the next game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, is the spooky murder mansion, but it isn''t supernatural as it was previously revealed by Alice Bee last month, who told her that it''s the most terrifying Dark Pictures game ever.

Five additional Dark Pictures installments were revealed in trademark filings in February. Directive 8020, The Craven Man, Intercession, Winterfold, and Presents O Death. That last one seems to be an odd one out. The first season only had four games, so you may expect something slightly different for whatever O Death ends up being.

Sin enjoyed her time on board the Supermassives ghost ship for her Man Of Medan review back in 2019, but wish there was a possibility to skip scenes. Despite the game''s longevity, it may do with a fast forward approach, such as dark and largely uninteresting corridors, re-reading memos and "secret" items. I guess the increased walking speed is beneficial?

Halloween will be out on November 18th. It is available on Steam for $35/$40/40.

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