This morning, Wild Hearts, the EA and Omega Force hunting project, was properly revealed

This morning, Wild Hearts, the EA and Omega Force hunting project, was properly revealed

An epic adventure based in a feudal Japani fantasy world

Just a few weeks ago we learned that was now in the mix: an action game from Omega Force andElectronic Arts? Hunting games are growing in popularity even more so thanks to the success ofand, and now more businesses are returning into the form that once flourished on platforms like the PSP. We now have a better understanding of what to expect.

The games world (Azuma) appears to be quite diverse, with several applications. We see that the area is surrounded with danger, as the player character battles giant monsters (Kemono, which was once peaceful) with unconventional weapons, like umbrellas and wooden helicopter tools, as well as traditional kits like katanas.

Building traps and structures appear to be a big component of the gameplay in. Multiplayer capabilities are in, but the building mechanic lends itself well to several individuals in tandem and working together. Im intrigued by the design and the building concept.

We received a brief explanation from Yosuke Hayashi, the executive vice president of Koei Tecmo, on the concept behind the game: "We wanted to demonstrate the development, infusion, and the real threat caused by Kemono," but we also wanted to create a game where crafting was at the core of the experience, redefining what is possible in a beast hunting game. We have taken great pride in designing our Karakuri to accommodate the conflict, and they are eager for them to cross the world

More info on is coming on October 5

On February 17, 2023, the current-generation consoles and PC will be available (Steam and Epic Games Store are both scheduled to launch, as well as Origin) for $69.99 (yep, were at that time now). Spanish, English, Japanese, French, Italian, and Spanish voiceovers have been confirmed.

After this two-and-a-half-minute debut trailer, we might well know more before then (potentially on the official site). EA is already easing another extended gameplay reveal on October 5.

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