Tune in the brutal action of the Finals, which is, to the test

Tune in the brutal action of the Finals, which is, to the test

Who loves you, and who do you love?

The upcoming multiplayer shooter, developed by Embark Studio and Nexon, has received a pre-alpha gameplay video. Following its grand opening at Gamescom Opening Night Live, the new video gives us a first look at the deadly competitions of rat-a-tat-action.

Despite the fast-paced world traversal, rapid-fire weapons, razor-sharp blades, and all-around explosive weapons, the festival will challenge a hapless crowd of contestants to be the last person standing, bagging themselves huge cash prizes despite they wow the crowds from home. Get me the Justice Department, Entertainment Division.

The core gameplay structure of is to allow players to adopt their own form of strategy, whether it be an acrobatic knife-wielder, a stealthy assassin hiding in the shadows, or a rooftop running crack shot sniper, or a rocket-launcher-toting building leveler. Environmental destruction is another crucial element of makeup, with building collapses, broken ceilings, and hiding areas being reduced to rubble all a necessary part of the action.

Hmm This suggests that power players will be preferred instead of stealthy individuals, but I must say it.

If you want to join the green room, then you can register for a playtest on the games official Steam page. The playtest will begin tomorrow, September 29, so you can go fast, aim straight, and be sure to smile for the cameras. After all, audience connection is the key to modern-day survival.

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