PlayStation's Stars loyalty program is slated to launch

PlayStation's Stars loyalty program is slated to launch

In October, the new rewards will be released in North America.

The third week of Sony''s loyalty program will be launched in North America next month. PlayStation Stars is now available for PlayStation users, starting today, and expanding to other regions in the coming weeks.

The Stars'' launch starts in Asia the first time, where territories in the region will see the program go live on September 29. North and South America will get PlayStation Stars on October 5, while the program travels to Europe and Australia on October 13.

If you missed the initial announcement, PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program for Sony''s console owners. While it''s free and doesn''t require PlayStation Plus to enroll, Plus users will receive additional bonuses to their Stars.

Members who correctly guess launch games based on song-based clues get a special collectible by finishing campaigns and activities. Some might ask you to get a specific trophy, while another might become the first player to platinum a game in their region.

Rewards for Stars

What are some rewards you may offer? Well, loyalty points are redeemed in a catalog that may include PSN wallet funds, digital collectibles, or certain PlayStation Store items. Plus members automatically accrue points for purchases on the Store.

These digital collectibles are the other rewards, but they are not afraid. According to Sony VP Grace Chen, these arenotNFTs. These may be rare, but they aren''t one-of-a-kind, and they do not use any blockchain technology. These little collectibles will be visible on a display case within the PlayStation app, which can be viewed by other users.

When youre goes live on the PlayStation Stars page, you may receive more information.

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