Shenmue's anime has been canceled; it will not be canceled for a second season

Shenmue's anime has been canceled; it will not be canceled for a second season

History repeats itself

Segas series was widely recognized for being a lengthy tale that had no ending. It seems, however, that history will begin to repeat itself, as it has been suggested that the anime adaptation has been canceled, and will not be renewed for a second season.

The first suggestion that the program would not be broadcast came from the Cartoon Network Schedules Twitter, which stated that the anime had been removed from the Adult Swim VOD archive. This was followed by a gruesome message from Jason DeMarco, a senior vice president of animation at Cartoon Network. This followed by a message from the social media site that Ryo Hazuki would not be returning for future adventures.

Sorry, guys. DeMarco said that this happened, because yes, the whole episode of Shenmue looks like no [season 2] of the game, even if, unfortunately, it didn''t get quite that much that we were gearing up for [season 2]. Maybe one day

Sorry guys. This happened. You can still see all of Crunchyroll''s anime, and it will still be available as digital downloads. Yes, it looks like no S2 of Shenmue, even though sadly- it did well enough that we were gearing up for S2. Maybe one day

DEMARCO, SPIRAL CURSE (@Clarknova1) September 28, 2022

It''s regrettable to hear that the show was denied despite being, apparently, a success. Unfortunately, as television/movie fans are quick becoming aware, streaming media has become a Wild West Show, with shows, characters, films, and IPs being shot down, binned, or canceled within the blink of an eye, or with a swipe of some suits pen. We see you, Batgirl.

The whole first season of Netflix is now available on Crunchyroll. It''s a strange surprise to see the anime adaptation canceling and rendered incomplete in the same way that the video game series was once unveiled. Even though, an ending in a fashion did eventually rear its head, (even if it took several decades). So keep the engine turning on the forklift truck. Strange things have happened.

Crunchyroll is now available for download.

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