In October, Sackboy: A Big Adventure returns to PC

In October, Sackboy: A Big Adventure returns to PC

A new thread to pull

Another PlayStation exclusive is coming to the PC very soon. is getting a PC port on October 27.

Sumo Digitals'' Sumo Digitals thread-bound platformer is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as part of the PS5 launch lineup. Now, it''s getting the PC treatment, with some new features in mind.

If you have the hardware for it, the new port ofwill will allow for 4K resolution, which would reach 120 FPS. The platformer will also include a range of display ratios, including larger options like ultrawide, or 21:9.

For those with compatible graphics cards, NVIDIA DLSS2, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, will be available. Variable refresh rate support will assist with all of this platforming.

While that''s not the case for higher-end hardware, the PlayStation Blog reveals lower-end options. Nonetheless, users with relatively old hardware might still be able to make this game run, even at lower settings.

The next big adventure

The DualSense controller will fully support it, so you may get those haptics and dynamic trigger effects, same as PlayStation 5.

Both gameplay and the user interface will be supported. Achievements are included as well as cloud saves on Steam and Epic Games Store.

This is a great deal for people who prefer co-op in particular, but might not have the most recent hardware. It seems like a pretty happy co-op platformer to go through with a friend or family member.

A joint PlayStation-exclusive game is coming to PC. Id hope to see more people go by this strategy, like with and without the help of others.

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