Magical Drop VI will see the charming puzzler return on Nintendo Switch

Magical Drop VI will see the charming puzzler return on Nintendo Switch

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This week, retro blockbuster enthusiasts will be pleased to see Forever Entertainment making a comeback for the classic puzzle series, developed by studios Highball Games and Storm Trident, that will be released later this winter.

For those who fall in love, is a cute n colorful arcade puzzler that first launched in 1995, at the height of the tile-puzzler craze. Players must cherry-pick colored orbs from a rapidly falling playfield before firing them back in an effort to match the rainbow-infused patterns together. The goal of this game is to create a chain reaction, and thus the player is encouraged to make several moves ahead of time, including with a final, scalpel-precise move.

In the early 1990s, four games were developed on arcade and home platform markets, including Steam. The series most recent release, which was quickly released, was enormous disappointment, with many flaws and shortcomings that often rendered it impossible to sell. This new release will no doubt be able to capture the charm and charm of classic entries while delivering engaging gameplay in a wide range of single and multiplayer modes.

The aesthetic style depicted here is a bit of a Flash game, but I remain optimistic. Empress was my personal favorite of the tile-puzzle franchises. So then you knew that already, right? Shock-freakin-horror.

The Nintendo Switch is in development.

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