Funcom prepares players to play Dune's open-world survival game

Funcom prepares players to play Dune's open-world survival game

Renegade of Spice

Several game studios are pursuing their own digital take of Frank Herberts'' literary universe since the release of the RTS title last month. It appears that Funcom also has an open-world adventure planned on Arrakis'' acrid and dangerous planet.

Funcom is currently at the design stage for the survivalist title, with positions for artists, game designers, coders, and even marketing specialists on the site. The site also includes two pieces of concept art along with a preliminary CGI rendering from the early design documents, which set the stage for the next a shady and solemn release.

Funcom has a lot of experience in barren-world adventure titles, including working on similar large-scale survival games such as the brutal and unforgiving. Despite its authenticity, its portfolio of authentic, compelling, and genre-defining titles such as the Westwood Studios 1992 classic, is custom-made for a variety of gaming genres, and it hopes its new open world project will capture the mood and intrigue of its acclaimed source material.

It is now available on PC (via Steam)

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