Pokemon CafeReMix is now offering a new Halloween outfit for Mimikyu via the Delivery feature

Pokemon CafeReMix is now offering a new Halloween outfit for Mimikyu via the Delivery feature

The concept of Pokemon Cafe Mix, which includes a touch-based puzzle game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, has been reimagined, as well as a new namePokemon Cafe ReMix. Updates include new puzzle elements, more Pokemon, new dress-up options, and more opportunities to grow and develop employees. Read on below to learn more.

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The Pokemon Cafe Remix is now available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

The Pokemon Cafe ReMix, which was first launched in June 2020, is now available for download onNintendo Switchsystems and on theApp Store and Google Playfor mobile devices. The Pokemon Cafe ReMix, a free-to-start game, has trainers with a cafe.

Trainers collaborate with Pokemon staff to complete puzzles to prepare drinks and dishes for Pokemon customers. The puzzles are completed by putting Pokemon icons together by swirling them around. Icons will be cleared after they have been linked together.

ReMix of Pokemon Cafe maintains its unique art style while introducing new game modes and additional Pokemon to the cafe. This update also includes new in-game events, dress-up options, and more.

For additional information about ReMix in Pokemon Cafe, please visit http://cafemix.pokemon.com/en-us.

[1] Optional in-game purchases are available. Data charges may apply for the mobile version. Users may not transfer game save data from the Nintendo Switch version to the iOS/Android version or vice versa. Depending on the device or OS version, users may not be able to use certain features.

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