Two teams will wreak havoc on a pub rules match on NXT preview 9/27

Two teams will wreak havoc on a pub rules match on NXT preview 9/27

Josh Briggs andBrooks Jensen were a must-have couple of party animals in all of them. That was until Galus arrived from the now-defunct and decided to show the Americans how tough a team should be. Last week, the two teams got into the backstage and were separated by security. Tonight they''ll get to handle their business without any interference from officials. In a "Pub Rules Match", the boys will get to brawl out.

What exactly is a "Pub Rules Match," and how does it entail? While I''d have to assume it''s a no holds barred scenario, it''s possible there may be some alcohol involved, as well as some peanuts and a dirty bathroom. I''m not sure how I''m getting caught here. Let''s look back at what has to say about tonight''s unique match.

Gallus has announced their presence on the Diamond Mine and indicated that they intend to establish their kingdom.

Former Tag Team Champions Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen appeared to join Wolfgang and Mark Coffey in a friendly game of Cribbage, but they were knocked away. Briggs and Jensen were not intimidated by the Scottish faction, but they were shook their ground until security stepped in to separate them.

When the two hard-hitting tag teams lock horns in a Pub Rules Match Tuesday night on at 8/7 C on USA, check out the penalties!

Tonight on Sunday, we will seeWes Lee take onTony D''Angelo for a spot in the Five-Man Ladder Match for the North American title,Brutus Creed is attempting to get revenge onDamon Kemp,Nikkita Lyons, andCapameron Grimes withJoe Gacy, andFallon Henley onscreen.

Prepare for a brand-new #WWENXT!

On @USA_Network, @TONIGHT at 8/7c.

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Tune in tonight at 8 pm on the USA Network to catch all of the action.

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