Pikachu's Paradigm Trigger Preview of Pokemon TCG Japan

Pikachu's Paradigm Trigger Preview of Pokemon TCG Japan

The final main series set of the era, which is set for release on October 21st and 2022, has been revealed in Japan. So far, we can confirm that this set focuses heavily on Lugia and includes a Lugia VSTAR, with Regidrago and Regieleki also appearing on the pack art. This set, along with the direct previous Japanese set which focused on Alolan Vulpix, will be the basis of the fourth and final English-language set of 2022, which is expected to

Pikachu is the definitive mascot of the entire franchise, from the anime to the manga to the trading card game, and therefore, there needs to be a card featuring the incredible electric mouse in the final main series expansion of Japan. ArtistSouichirou Gunjima gives a Pikachu illustration showing the franchise mascot cracking into battle, supported by Dedenne and Togedemaru. Keep an eye on future previews, because this set will also feature the Pika Clones on their own cards

Although Japanese sets often offer us early ideas on what English-language sets may include, be sure to keep an eye on our coverage. Here at Bleeding Cool, you can stay tuned for previews of cards as well as updates on everything.

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