Last Stand Event Announced by Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone

Last Stand Event Announced by Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone

Activision has announced new information to the last stand Midseason event that will be happening between the two games this week. This is basically one of the last events that will be happening as they''re putting an end to the game and adding in. Below are some updates on two of the new maps for the two games that you''ll be able to start on September 28th.

Rebirth Island: Resurgence Supreme

Supreme is about achieving great skill than creating the best Loadout. Resurgence Supreme has extensive ground loot, including fan-favorite Weapon Blueprints. The experience has been fine-tuned for competitive play, with enhancements such as increased health points, removal of extraneous items, and more. Each action is doubled as a reward.

Players who win the match with at least 15 eliminations will receive the animated "Resurgence Trials Victory" Calling Card, a testament to the skill of the''s greatest operators. Deploy to your Favorite Playlists throughout the season, including Clash, Rebirth Blood Money, Rebirth Payload, Golden Plunder, and Fortune''s Keep Resurgence.

New Multiplayer Map Fortress (In Season)

The coastal graveyard of Fortress is divided with old ship parts and crumbling walls. Operators battle for possession of the main masts, thus entering the central chapel for an eye on the area. These less-conpicuous maneuvers can be used to ambush enemy operators.

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