Three Mobile Titles: Netflix and Tilting Point

Three Mobile Titles: Netflix and Tilting Point

Tilting Point announced today that it will have partnered with Netflix to develop three mobile titles on their platform. Upon the launch of new games on their mobile app, Netflix is aiming to add a ton of content to the game, followed by, and then finally working with Emerald City Games to develop a brand new third game, which will be available only on the streaming service in 2023. We have additional information on the deal below, along with a quote.

Originally developed by Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited, the game has had over $60 million revenue since its launch on September 27, and is now available for purchase.

"We seek every way to increase the reach of a game''s content to new audiences, geographies, and platforms," Kevin Segalla, the CEO of Tilting Point, said. "We diversify and publish games on various platforms and services, depending on where they fit best, and we know that mobile games like,, and more that are currently being developed, are all fantastic matches and will provide incredibly rewarding experiences for Netflix members."

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