Pokemon TCG Part 10: Pikachu: The Cards Of Pokemon TCG

Pokemon TCG Part 10: Pikachu: The Cards Of Pokemon TCG

Each year, the franchise has released at least one special expansion. A special expansion is a set of cards that does not include the previous era''s title in its name, and is often directed towards a particular topic. One feature of the special expansions is that they come only in set-specific products rather than booster boxes and individual packs. Today, we continue with some cards featuring the franchise''s most famous Pokemon.

The main set includes two Pikachu cards, not including the associated Black Star Promos. Then, N-DESIGN Inc. shows Pikachu walking alongside its trainer. This Pikachu is a solid touch, incorporating a Narumi Sato Hat, which was depicted in the game for an event during the set''s release in Summer 2022.

Stay tuned for the continued journey through. Next time, the spotlight will shine with more cards from the main section of this themed expansion.

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