The Sandman: Act III Audible has released a new audio drama

The Sandman: Act III Audible has released a new audio drama

Fans of Neil Gaiman''s continue to wait for Netflix''s second season of the live-action adaptation, but Gaiman, writer, director, and producer, Greg Maggs, have gathered a lot of support for their Morpheus "fix," according to reports. David Harewoodas Destruction,Wil Wheatonas Brant Tucker, andKJ Apaas Prez are also on the cast.

The first volume of Audible''sadapts volumes 1-3 of the graphic novel series of the same name(, and), and the second installment adaptsand, diving deeper into the world of. Now here''s a look at the official trailer confirming that the latest volume is now available:

The wait is over Join the King of Dreams on his journey, and capture the horror that ensues as your imagination ignites and the story comes to life. #SandmanxAudible

Listen Now:

Audible (@audible_com) September 28, 2022

We follow Morpheus on a huge journey to take care of his family. He visits with his son Orpheus (Bridgerton''s Rege-Jean Page), an act that has profound consequences. Accompanied by Delirium (Kristen Schaal, Bob''s Burgers), he finds his estranged brother, Destruction, who is now the only member of the Endless to abandon their job. And at an inn at the intersection of all our nations, a group of travelers

"I can''t wait for you to join us for," Gaiman said of the dazzling Audible adaptations. The only downside has been that everyone I know, and many people on social media that I don''t know, have asked for permission to download Act III. Now you know. I think it might be the best one yet. There''s a day trip across the United States with Dream and Delirium, and we finish up beyond space and time in Pub, where fantastic Wil Wheaton as Brant Tucker and KJ

A large cast of Audible Original audio dramas including Kerry Washington''s, Jesse Eisenberg''s, and Skybound, as well as the production and performance of Rachel Brosnahan, frombestselling author Mark Greaney, and James Patterson, Aaron Paul, among others. Visit Audible at

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