Season 5 of We Own This City: Everything You Need To Know

Season 5 of We Own This City: Everything You Need To Know

We Own This City is a film that reveals how one of America''s most famous corruption cases came to light. On this fifth episode, the GTTF members grow more open with FBI agents investigating them as the corrupt cops and weak political structures in Baltimore are revealed in greater detail.

The hard work of the federal officers eventually pay off, as they establish a solid case against the corrupt officers. This City episode 5s events and conclusion are all here for reading pleasure!

We Own This City Episode 5 About

In the first part of Episode 5, referred to as Chapter 5, FBI agents Erika Jensen and John Sieracki continue to question Momodu G Money Gondo. They exploit Jemell Rayam''s remarks to persuade Gondo to betray his classmates in the GTTF and divulge further information about the illegal and corrupt activities they have engaged in.

Gondo recounts how Rayams girlfriend was driven to robbery targets because she was heavily linked to the drug distribution center in Baltimore. Rayam reveals the truth of the statement. Soon after, Gondo and Rayam became disgraced behind the others back. Nicole Steele and Ahmed Jackson have finally finalized the provisions of the consent decree signed with the BPD.

After that, we return to the beginning a year ago when the FBI was tapping Gondo and Rayams phones. In the meantime, Steele has a conversation with one of the GTTF''s victims.

He then explains that the cops stole the money from his salary and that, as a result of his arrest, he is currently jobless. In the present day, the FBI is conducting a telephone interview with Maurice Ward in order to obtain information on the operation of the GTTF when Wayne Jenkins was in charge.

According to Ward''s instructions, Jenkins had recruited a new member named James Kostoplis and developed senses of the new face. In spite of this, the rookies'' refusal to participate in theft resulted in him being quickly dismissed from the GTTF and resigned to a different organisation.

In a flashback, FBI agents may be seen listening in on Gondo and Rayams'' phone conversation, which provides crucial evidence for the police investigation. Rayam explains, in the current day, how the GTTFoperatives benefitted from the sale of stolen stupefiants by selling them to customers.

Ward also explains how Jenkins urged them to exaggerate their overtime hours so they may receive higher salaries. Besides this, he reveals the fact that the GTTF employees were paid for overtime even when they were on vacation. Jensen and Sieracki go through each piece of evidence they have collected and begin to make connections between them as they get ready to arrest the cop.

We Own This City Episode 5: How It Ends!

Throughout the course of the episode, viewers observe Jensen and Sieracki gathering a number of evidence in preparation for filing a complaint against the GTTF officers. During the same time, we see two of them questioning the GTTF officials and learning new information about their activities and the ways in which they have been corrupted.

As a result of this, the story goes into more detail about the cops'' misdeeds, and a solid case may be made against them. Despite the fact that the plot has been gradually expanding up to the case against corrupt police officers.

The arrests are a tool for the plot''s development over a variety of time periods, and they are the focus of this paragraph.

In the last minutes of the fifth episode, the arrest of seven GTTF officers takes place, giving viewers the opportunity to witness it for the first time. Internal affairs has requested the presence of Wayne Jenkins, Daniel Hersl, Momodu G Money Gondo, Jemell Rayam, Maurice Ward, Evodio Hendrix, and Marcus Taylor, and the FBI has placed them in jail.

The FBI and the Boston Police Department (BPD) have issued a joint statement about the arrest of the officers. According to sources, seven GTTF agents have been detained on suspicion of participating in a racketeering conspiracy, including extortion, theft, and overtime fraud.

During the last act of the episode, Commissioner Davis discovers further information about the consent decree that the Boston Police Department (BPD) will be required to sign with the Department of Justice.

On the other hand, the decree will result in a significant reduction in the budget for the BPD, and the Mayor is not going to provide the department any additional funding for the budget extension. As a direct consequence of this, the BPD will be forced to implement several significant improvements.

The conditions of the consent decree and the arrest of GTTF personnel appear to be lining the stage for substantial changes to come, not only in the BPD''s internal structure, but also for the general police in Baltimore.

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