Marvel is keeping an eye on their superheroes (X-Men Spoilers)

Marvel is keeping an eye on their superheroes (X-Men Spoilers)

When it comes to setting up the House Of X, Marvel Comics prefers to kill everybody every day. Not only an Uncle Ben here, Gwen Stacy or a Jean Grey there, but swathes of folk. and they have a habit of sticking. It reached such a ridiculous degree that Jonathan Hickman was able to transform it into a meta-narrative. It also made the mutant more likely to get killed.

The X-Men, a Native American mutant, has been dubbed a genocidal murderer. Obviously there is a catch. However, since Professor Xavier has largely developed to do so, causing his reputation to become an ugly adversary.

Yes, the MCU wiped out half the universe before they were brought back, Uranos committed genocide among the Arakki on Mars, the Celestial Progenitor is wiping out all kinds of human, Eternals, Deviants, and mutants alike, and now X-Men #15 shows how The Marvel Universe Kills.

Ob or not Colossus is burning

.removing the flames of Ghost Rider

From America to Latveria, to Asgard itself, the Fantastic Four may be eaten up.

We''re all waiting for the Big Red Reset Button to work out properly again. Hell, today''s Amazing Spider-Man #10 even brought Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben back. But, a version of them, oh, and Professor X got a boost in his abilities too.

Yes, there''s been a lot of this going on, right? As we learned in the previous volume of X-Men a few years ago, the last time they went to The Vault.

When you come back, you return maybe not better. But stronger. Another incentive for Krakoan mutants to die?

JUL220830 MARVEL COMICS JUL220830 (W) Gerry Duggan (A) Joshua Cassara (CA) Martin Coccolo FEAR THE CHILDREN! The Children of the Vault hyper-evolved humans from a society whose time moves much faster than our own. Each time the X-Men defeat them, they retreat to their home, further developing into a new, more advanced generation. This time, they will not be stopped so easily.

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