Loki Is The Bi Frost Giant Officially. Will There Be T-Shirts?

Loki Is The Bi Frost Giant Officially. Will There Be T-Shirts?

Loki is a gender-fluid pansexual trickster god of the Marvel Universe. as they were of Norse Mythology. It''s only now that they are becoming a bit more open about it on the comic book page. And because Loki has become one of the more loquacious characters, such discussion is generally played around rather than addressed outright, whether in comic books.

Or on the television

Al Ewing, who works with Thor with Donny Cates, has a chance for him to revisit Loki''s complexities, as he advises Thor about what to do with the recently broken Bifrost Bridge, which connects Asgard and Earth or Midgard.

Even if Kieron Gillen was writing the character, that might be one of the best Loki puns ever recorded. While also being as on the nose as a midday TV drama. Can we expect Bi Frost Giant T-shirts for NYCC, or will we have to wait for SDCC? Home-made ones for MCM or Thought Bubble anyone?

Not the only place Al Ewing is relaxing with Loki today.

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