Kirby 64 is the next Nintendo 64 Switch Online game

Kirby 64 is the next Nintendo 64 Switch Online game

You get one as a little treat

A Switch Online release is imminent, as Nintendo has confirmed the news via a new YouTube trailer.

The oddball, which was first introduced as a mainline game since the 1990s, and was named one of the first 3D players in the fluffball franchise in the year 2000. This feature has become a lose art as games struggle to offer split-screen play for two individuals.

As most people who have played it, they will tell you that its a very simple 3D game, as its quite short, but literally sweet (cute) in other words, it is the perfect game to get as a member of a larger subscription service. Switch Online is now available as a solo release (that we have already seen).

As usual, this will only be available to Switch Online + Expansion Pack premium members, as part of the Nintendo 64 retro suite. Note that recently, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed that the majority of US subscriber base has been upgraded to the Expansion Pack, which continues to entail new technologies.

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