The first official gameplay trailer for Smurfs Kart has been released

The first official gameplay trailer for Smurfs Kart has been released

Microids has released the first official trailer for the game as we get a better look at the wild racing gameplay. The trailer basically goes over all of the basics you''ll need to know before going into the game, including how to get boots, drift, item usage, and more. At this point, if you''ve played a kart game, you''ll be aware of the controls, although it''s important to get the first one on November 15th and 2022.

In this dynamic kart racing game in the world of Smurfs, you''ll need to choose one Smurf, its kart, and special capability, then you''re ready to go on wild races! Make the best start, find shortcuts, and use the appropriate items at the correct time to pass your opponents! If you are a beginner or the most trained driver, you can get the first place and show others who is the fastest Smurf of all time!

  • 12 tracks taken from the Smurfs'''' universe: the village, the forest, the dam, the swamps even Gargamel''''s house!
  • 12 playable Smurfs: chose the Smurf you want to drive with.
  • Each Smurf has its own kart and a very handy special item to help you breeze past your opponents.
  • Reach 1st place by using the environment around you: bonus items, boosts, ramps, destructible boxes, shortcuts and more!
  • Play solo or with family and friends, up to 4 players in split-screen local multiplayer game mode.
  • Try to beat every Smurf at their own racetrack in the "Time Challenge" mode and reach the top of the online rankings with your best time!
  • Unlock original bonuses race after race, win after win,and try to Smurf them all in your personal album!

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