The game has released a new launch trailer for Dual Universe

The game has released a new launch trailer for Dual Universe

Novaquark, a developer and publisher of Indie, released a brand new launch trailer for the game this week. It was first released this Tuesday after being in the works for years and a host of teasers behind it. Before that, you may see what the game looks like in him''s latest trailer, as we have notes on the game and a couple of quotes from the developers below.

ten thousand years after a neutron star collision destroyed Earth, humans are awakened from the cryosleep in an unknown galaxy. This is a groundbreaking, single-server experience that is fully fueled by players, thanks to the game''s innovative voxel-building technology. Players may develop their wealth through mining, ore processing, cargo ship manufacturing, weapons system brokering, and other means. Develop connections, collaborate, or compete. Make decisions that encompass an entire solar system.

"Our experience from military, industrial, and economic advancement to space and planetary exploration, is unparalleled." According to Nouredine Abboud, CEO of Novaquark. "Players can use the most advanced voxel-based technologies available to build anything, from high-tech industrial complexes and adrenaline-inducing race tracks to colossal warships and orbital space stations. We can''t wait to see players unleash their imagination once more across Helios'' far reaches."

"This was created with a wide range of players in mind. They can choose to travel through the cosmos alone or collaborate to develop alliances, cultivate markets, wage wars, and negotiate peace." Cyrille Fontaine, the creative director of Novaquark, says: "Our goal is to provide an experience that will meet its immense potential."

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