The Red Bull Flick Invitational in Copenhagen has been revealed

The Red Bull Flick Invitational in Copenhagen has been revealed

All of the professional teams invited to participate in this year''s Red Bull Flick Invitational have been revealed. This year, some of the world''s finest amateurs will showcase their skills and take a little advantage of the 2v2 event. In the meantime, these duos will be revealed, but this is exactly what the current setup is looking like before the November event.

The Red Bull Flick Invitational will feature the best of the amateur teams fighting it out during a fun weekend on the 19th to 20th November. The group will then select a world-renowned Pro team for a pre-stage qualifier, including a shot at the 50,000 Prize Pool. On the 20th November, the qualified amateur duos will face their idols in a play-off bracket featuring eight pro invited duos.

The Red Bull Flick Invitational will bring the hopeful future stars into the European centre of counter-strike history to participate in the pre-stage LAN on Saturday 19th November. The nail-biting Pro v AM playoff stage will be broadcast from NEP Studios on the following day. This year''s competition is sure to bring the live audience closer to the action as well as providing an unforgettable experience on Twitch and YouTube on the 20th November.

26 amateur duos from EMEA and for the first time North America, will be offered a chance at glory, winning their way through National and International Qualifiers. In a tense group stage, the amateurs duos will then take on the task of their opponents in the pre-stage qualifiers, leading to a dramatic Grand Final.

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