Grendel's actor shares thoughts and confirms that the "Entire Season" was shot

Grendel's actor shares thoughts and confirms that the "Entire Season" was shot

Yesterday, we learned that Netflix would not be moving forward on Andrew Dabb''s () Abubakr Ali, starring live-action characters from Matt Wagner''s popular Dark Horse comic book series. One of the most worrying questions coming out of the news was whether or not the show''s producers might find it a new home. It''s possible that an entire season will be shopped. Would that make it more or less attractive to another streaming service?

Here''s an example of Mientus'' Instagram post, followed by the whole text of the post''s caption:

Andy Mientus (@andymientus) has shared a post.

"Some news. I thought after a decade of exploring this world, I''d realized how much I''d needed it, and how much I''d be grateful for it." I''ve grown resentmented over the years by unfavorable Nos, hard feedback, and things that never ended. Like all of us, we do it because every once in a while, we get a Yes that makes the Nos fade away. I''ve got a lot of feedback, but I''m confident

Ali was joined by Jaime Ray Newman (), Julian Black Antelope (), Madeline Zima (), Kevin Corrigan (), Emma Ho (), Erik Palladino (), Brittany Allen () and Andy Mientus ().

Ali''s Rose is a talented fencer, writer, and assassin, who strives to avert the loss of lost love by going to war with New York''s criminal underworld, but why don''t you treat them like you should, according to an executive from Dark Horse Entertainment. Mike Richardson, Keith Goldberg, and Chris Tongue are also featured.

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