Emily Thomas Sells Her Debut Graphic Novel, A Smile Like Yours

Emily Thomas Sells Her Debut Graphic Novel, A Smile Like Yours

As he navigates his new college life, friendship, and even romance with a cute girlfriend, Emily Thomas'' first YA graphic novel is a queer YA graphic novel.

"How far would you go to avoid people?" Is it possible to travel from a tiny Welsh village to the busiest pace in England all for safety? Rhys Moore is constantly afraid of people''s faces and wishes of being able to do what most people find automatic. However, his plans come down when he meets his new flatmates, and his flatmate in particular, Malcolm Green."

Katie Scott has been given a copy of Kids Can Press, which is planned for 2025.

Emily Thomas received a B Des degree at Middlesex University, London, where she worked as a visual journalist. Lillian Mazeika, an artist from Tugeau 2 sold worldwide rights.

Kids Can Press, a leading Canadian-owned children''s book publisher, and a Corus Entertainment business, is the home of leading brands such as Franklin the Turtle, Scaredy Squirrel, and CitizenKid. Tugeau 2 is a group of authors and illustrators from around the world, working as an agency and focused on children''s publishing board books, picture books, chapters, graphics, covers, and YA. Lillian Mazeika is the first Associate Agent for the T2 Agency

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