The new Carnival Of Fears Update will be released by Phobies on October 4th

The new Carnival Of Fears Update will be released by Phobies on October 4th

As the game enters the new Carnival of Fears, Smoking Gun Interactive will drop a new update into. This is basically the game''s Halloween update for 2022, with a number of spooky options, including a new set of characters. The full rundown below is expected to be released on October 4.

The Carnival of Fears will bring the greatest compilation of updates since Full Disclosure''s extraterrestrial encounters. 8 spooky new Phobies will be stepping out of the shadows, introducing six new unique abilities to the game, and triple health and double damage if the Werewolf transforms at the full moon! As players continue to play and solidify a playstyle, they''ll have the option to encounter opponents from around the world in interactive hex-based combat arenas. The creators

  • 8 brand-new Phobies stepping out of the shadows for you to collect.
  • 6 new unique abilities that add countless new tactics to your games.
  • A brand new "creepy" carnival environment that will make a frightfully delightful stage for your Phobies to play on!
  • The twists and turns continue with an additional10 brand-newmap layouts which encourage new thought-provoking strategies!
  • Contort your brain with 30 brand-new challengesusing the new abilities and Phobies we''''ve introduced this year.
  • Celebrate the community with new maps and new challenges designed by our Phobies community map and challenge winners.
  • Through the month of Halloween, find limited-time special offers every week.
  • Enjoy a host of new tantalizing special offers based off your own progression.
  • In the spirit of Halloween, Phobies will jump into a costume of its own with a complete redress of the game including new music to get you all into that Halloween spirit
  • Put on a spooky mask of your ownand grab one of the 10 new avatars. There issure to be one that gives your opponent a fright.
  • Earn exclusive avatars for a limited time inside Jacks.

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