Cream Productions Announces Survivorman VR: Into The Descent

Cream Productions Announces Survivorman VR: Into The Descent

Cream Productions is developing a brand new VR title as they announced it. With Les Stroud, the survival expert behind the series, the game will look and feel as if you have to navigate a dangerous situation. It will be up to you to make it through a rough region after a helicopter crash. We just know it is in development for Meta Quest 2 sometime in early 2023.

Players will need to use all their talents to avoid extreme environments, as long as they can be rescued. Utilizing their valuable experience and whatever they can scavenge to fulfill challenges, they must overcome glacial crevasses, create hunting traps, and, most importantly, keep the fire burning! In the end, players must make the correct decisions that will determine whether they will live or die.

  • Experience a True Survival Legend: Les Stroud is an iconic survivalist who has proven time and time again he''''s one of the best to ever do it. Lucky for you, he''''ll be your guide during your own authentic survival experience in Survivorman VR.
  • Photorealistic First-Person Action: Explore a truly immersive world with all the extremes of mountain top survival.
  • Fire, Shelter, Food: Keep a close eye on your body temperature, fatigue, and hunger. Surviving extreme environments means paying attention to the state of your body, made slightly easier with a handy diegetic HUD-like display mounted on your wrist!
  • No Monsters, No Guns: The natural world presents more terror and danger than any fiction. Test your skills against real-world threats like deadly snowstorms, freezing temperatures, and an environment not built for human beings.

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