In January 2023, Kelly Thompson's Black Cloak #1 was released from image collections

In January 2023, Kelly Thompson's Black Cloak #1 was released from image collections

Yesterday, Kelly Thompson joined the list of prominent comic book writers and artists who had been hired with significant amounts by Nick Spencer to establish a subscription service at Substack, which would allow her to publish her creator-owned books digitally before of print publication, according to Image Comics. Back then she wrote;

You will get COMICS (and access to lots of other cool stuff) for these first two books I''m going to tell you about I''ve combined with Image Comics for print editions (a dream come true something I''ve been wanting to do not until years as a writer, but since I was a kid)! These comics will eventually be fantastic books that you can keep in your hands if that''s what you''re interested in.

Here''s how she has established a date for the print release of #1, inspired and coloured by Meredith McClaren, and written byBecca Carey, one of her two episodes on Substack. A classic "hard-boiled" detective story based in a futuristic fantasy world where "technology" is magical, and the world is filled with "fantasy" characters that don''t always get along and all have motives for murder. Kelly Thompson published the original in her Substack

"Hello my lambs." Now that BLACK CLOAK is on the Image schedule for January 11, 2023, there''s a chance! It will still be reasonably priced at $4.99 for anyone who wants to get a print copy. We''ll have seven covers here together, as well as the debut of our neon-drenched Christian Ward variant!

"So you''ll notice that was 6 covers, not 7. I am holding back the special FOUNDERS ONLY variant cover for a bit longer. But I can tell you that it''s done by Meredith, it will be clean dress, and I absolutely love IT. However, I want it to stay away for a while. ;D."

Is "clean dress" so much more palatable than "virgin"? Is it possible to make that a thing happen? Dynamite Entertainment, you may begin by saying hello.

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