Meghan Fitzmartin discusses Tim Drake and Conner Kent together

Meghan Fitzmartin discusses Tim Drake and Conner Kent together

On the DC Comics blog,Joshua Lapin-Bertone asked the writer of, Meghan Fitzmartin, "During the #1, there is a moment where Tim and Conner Kent are holding hands. So, the question is, are you using Twitter to electrocute?

Meghan Fitzmartin is quoted as saying, "I mean, who doesn''t like putting a fire under Twitter?" Joshua''s response says "That''s what we''ve discussed in the future."

Might be a little help. So this is going to happen? Also suggesting a role for Conner Kent in upcoming superhero films at DC Comics. Superman, Son Of Kal-El maybe? The return of a post-Dark Crisis Young Justice?

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