This Weekend, HBO Max Unleashes the Spotlight Page for "House of Halloween."

This Weekend, HBO Max Unleashes the Spotlight Page for "House of Halloween."

On Saturday, October 1, HBO Max will be introducing a "House of Halloween" spotlight page, which will bring frights to all ages, as well as costume ideas, animated episodes, and more. This year, HBO Max''s "house of streaming horror" will begin with a look:

Last year, HBO Max had three doors to commemorate the season, including "Not Scary," "Scary," and "Very Scary," which precluded a title to stream based on the door that was chosen. This year, the "House of Halloween" will feature an interactive tarot card element that will then lead to a recommended title based on the card. The tarot cards include:

The Fool has revealed a surprising curated title relating to horror movies.

The Magician unveils a weird curated title relating to fantasy and magical.

The Devil uncovers a bizarrely themed title relating to demons and poses.

The Executioner has uncovered a surprising and varied title to refer to slashers.

A surprise curated title for romance-related titles is revealed by The Lovers.

The Creature gives a mysterious and varied title to creature features.

On you, eternal life looks pretty good.

HBO Max (@hbomax) September 27, 2022

Some Halloween scenes from various series include,, and many other titles. Classic films such as HBO''s and culturally famous ones are included in the interactive page. There are also options for any type of Halloween you choose.

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